Student Waiver Agreement

Yoga Teacher Liability & Student Waiver Agreement

    I, as “Student”, understand that yoga includes physical movements as well as an opportunity for relaxation, meditation and breathwork. Participation in yoga classes includes, but not limited to, participation in meditation techniques, breathing techniques, and performing various yoga postures. Yoga postures, or asanas, are designed to exercise every part of the body – lengthening, balancing and toning the muscles, connective tissues and joints, the spine and the entire yogic anatomy (chakras, energy meridians, vayus, and koshas). Yoga is an individual experience.

    As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious or disabling, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. My signature acknowledges that I understand that in yoga class I will progress at my own pace, always listening first to my body and secondly to the Yoga Teacher. If I experience any pain, discomfort, or anxiety, I will adjust the posture, breath pattern, or meditation and ask for support from the Yoga Teacher. I will continue to breath naturally and smoothly. If at any point I feel overexertion or fatigue, I will respect my body and I will take a resting pose.

    Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Yoga is not recommended and is not safe under certain medical conditions. I affirm that I alone am responsible to decide whether to practice yoga. I affirm that if I have a medical condition or injury that I seek the advice of a doctor before proceeding with engagement in the yoga class.

    By signing my name below, I acknowledge that participation in yoga classes exposes me to a possible risk of personal injury. I am fully aware of this risk. I hereby consent to receive medication treatment that may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during any yoga class.

    I hereby take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns as follows: I

    1. I irrevocably WAIVE, RELEASE and DISCHARGE FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY for my death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft or actions of any kind which hereafter may occur to me, including my traveling to and from yoga classes, the Yoga Teacher, and where the yoga classes are being held, and each and any of the Yoga Teacher’s representatives, employees, volunteers, and agents;
    2. And INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS AND AGREE TO NOT SUE the entities or persons mentioned in a) above as to any and all liabilities or claims made as a result of participation in yoga classes, whether caused by the negligence of releases or otherwise.

    My signature further acknowledges that I shall not now or at any time in the future bring any legal action against the Yoga Teacher and that this waiver is binding on me, my heirs, my spouse, my children, my legal representatives, my successors and my assigns. My signature verifies that I am physically fit to participate in yoga classes and a license medical doctor has verified my physical condition for participation in this type of lass.

    If I am pregnant or become pregnant or am post-natal, my signature verifies that I am participating in yoga classes with my doctor’s full approval. I realize that I am participating in yoga classes at my own risk.

    This Student Waiver Agreement shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. I acknowledge that this Student Waiver Agreement form will be used by the persons or entities being released in the yoga classes and that it will govern my actions and responsibilities in said classes.