Summer break until Fall

There are no yoga classes during August. Classes will resume in the Fall. More announcements will come out shortly about fall classes. Best wishes for a most enjoyable summer. Namaste

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June Yoga Classes

As the spring season evolves towards summer, our activities change and so too my yoga class offerings. My June series of classes will be a mixture of Zoom classes and one outside class – Under the Oaks. For Salt Springers, Monday’s Every Body Yoga class will go outside Under the Oaks, in the Fulford Valley. …

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Cate McEwen is a 500 hr registered yoga teacher and recently trained in Rishikesh in a style of meditative yoga, Hatha-Raja. Developed by Yogrishi Vishveji, co-founder of Akandha Yoga, the sequence of yoga poses incorporates honeybee breath to create expansion at the cellular level, which in turn brings calm to the nervous system. A contracted state, as when the body is stressed, creates dis-ease in the body if not attended to. Using honeybee breath, or Brahmari, also supports a healthy immune system and relieves insomia.


Ellen Garvie has developed her awareness and sensing ability into the subtle body or energy field over many years, through her meditation practice, by connecting intimately with nature and with the many supportive allies in the unseen realm.  She has formal learning in how to create change working directly with the energy body or auric field through completion of a 2-year certificate program in Advanced Integrative Energy Healing at Langara College.  All of these experiences continue to inspire her love of the body, with all its senses, and to being fully embodied so as to access the rich wisdom available to us - if only we listen.

















The return of this workshop is still pending.

I have been searching for relief from grief myself, from a recent one, and also one deeply embedded. This latter one defined my life - my ability to love, my ability to suffer loss, basically, how I shaped my worldview. And only recently has it been completely released from the cold, dark place in my body where it has survived all these decades. Even cancer, 10 years ago, was a showing of the toxicity of this trauma still residing in my body.

I firmly believe, based on my experience and training, that relief from grief comes from self-awakening, from walking the path (although there is really nowhere to go, we are always That which is, though this must be realized, it is not a mental concept) of self -realization. For some individuals, it may happen in the flash of a moment, but for most of us called on this path, it is a process of deepening and deepening into the fuller and fuller opening of love, as we shed ego, and become True Self. It is nothing personal.

We are so much more than the limited person of the body-mind complex. And the love that we are, that is limitless and timeless, that is not stingy or selfish - this, with the stillness of being, inherent creativity, and the wisdom of intuitive knowledge, this is who we are. How beautiful that this should be revealed to us, as ego dissolves, and we are drawn ever more into the flow of life, letting life take care of life. If there is a problem, it is with the person, not the problem. A practice of self-inquiry, and Mooji's Invitation to Freedom, reveal True Self.

So when I eventually reshape a program of grief relief through yoga to offer to the community, it will undoubtedly include the pointings of Mooji and his Invitation to Freedom. If possible, it may also include a session in a sweat lodge, for our First Nations brothers and sisters have known the power of the One for an eternity. What blessings we are given. Grace is upon us all.



I have trained with Francis Weller (The Wild Edge of Sorrow) through a weekend intensive. During my 300 hr yoga therapy training, I trained with Antonio Sausys (Yoga for Grief Relief), on yoga therapy and grief. I wrote about my own experience with grief as my Master's thesis looking at transformative learning (Royal Roads University, 2004). But the biggest impact was no training at all, but an opening into self-realization, by the grace of Mooji.

Om Namah Shivaya