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Oceanside yoga studio & out in nature.


Catherine (Cate) McEwen offers mixed levels Hatha yoga classes - at her oceanside yoga studio and elsewhere, in group or private sessions. Specialized classes include chair yoga for seniors, restorative yoga & yoga nidra, and programs for grief relief through the many dimensions of yoga. Yoga classes are infused with breath awareness, attention to body alignment, mindfulness movement, and "being" in the pose. Most of all, it is my intention to create the space so that students may connect with their higher Self, as well as leave the class feeling positively different, in body and mind.

Upcoming Offerings

June Yoga Classes

As the spring season evolves towards summer, our activities change and so too my yoga class offerings. My June series of classes will be a mixture of Zoom classes and one outside class – Under the Oaks. For Salt Springers, Monday’s Every Body Yoga class will go outside Under the Oaks, in the Fulford Valley. …
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Weekly Classes & Private Sessions

Yoga in the 'Hood classes are small and intimate, taking place at Cate's Ocean Song yoga studio.  Weekly classes are subscribed as a series, with series lasting 4 - 8 weeks. Private sessions are available by request.


Chair Yoga for Seniors

If you think you'd like to be balancing and lengthening and strengthening your body for well being and know you would rather not do yoga on a mat, or if you have an injury or pain centre that does not allow easy movement on a mat, then there is chair yoga. Chair yoga can reinforce and help to maintain the ability to move with ease and grace in a playful and safe way. View all upcoming classes.


Applied Yoga for Wellbeing

These are individual sessions with a specific focus. They may be a class, workshop or program. Offerings include: restorative yoga for deep relaxation; yoga nidra for deep relaxation and going deep within to our source; yoga for grief relief; yoga and somatic sensing.

...just wanted to say how much I appreciate the gift of your teaching and the kind energy it brings into this home.

K. Leslie

Great class today, I had worked really hard all morning and the stretching felt awesome. thanks

N. Verhoeven

Thanks for all the good "work". It's excellent and I enjoy it very much.

I. Leader